Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive in Ford SUVs

If you’d like to own a vehicle that can automatically improve traction and give you easier handling, then you should visit Roesch Ford in Bensenville, IL, to check out the 2017 Ford Explorer. This awesome vehicle puts the automaker’s Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive with Terrain Management System™ at your fingertips.

In traditional 4WD systems, the driver needs to engage the system. But with the Intelligent 4WD, all you need to do is enjoy the ride. This brilliant new technology takes the burden off the driver and puts it on a system that constantly monitors and adjusts to driving conditions. Dynamic handling and excellent traction seem to magically appear through the system’s impressive technology.

Using the power and speed of a computer, the system continuously monitors wheel speed, throttle position, and steering angle to determine what needs to happen, such as splitting the torque between front and rear wheels. The Terrain Management System helps by allowing you to choose between four different modes. If you select Normal Mode, the majority of torque will go to the front wheels for a smoother ride and torque will go to the rear wheels only when needed, as sensed by the system. This mode is perfect for regular driving under normal road conditions. But let’s say you’re headed off the beaten path: choose the Mud/Ruts Mode to provide a greater throttle response, limit upshifting, and make the stability control less sensitive, which permits more tire spin to keep up your momentum.

Headed for a sandy beach? Select the Sand Mode, which will transfer maximum torque to all the wheels, providing the perfect spin for traction. The Snow/Grass/Gravel Mode is for surfaces such as packed snow, water, grass, or gravel; it limits torque to prevent slipping.

Roesch Ford is convinced that if you’re looking for an off-road adventure, you should be looking for a 2017 Ford Explorer SUV. You’ll get an adventure to remember!