Popular Car Colors at Roesch Ford

The reason that Roesch Ford in Bensenville, Ill., stocks so many vehicles in white is because we like to please our customers.

For many years, white has been the most popular car color in America. Flashier colors were popular in
the 90’s, but they gave way to silver in the early 2000s. And now, the last ten years have seen a steady rise in the popularity of white. Some analysts think the rise of Apple, with its pure white corporate image, is responsible for white being all the rage, but other experts place the emphasis on the fact that white vehicles are safer. White vehicles are involved in fewer accidents than darker colors or brighter colors, such as red.

Surprisingly, white cars are relatively easy to keep clean. They don’t show water spots after a rain, and when they’re clean, they really stand out. The high demand for them also helps to hold their resale value. White is a color that never grows old. How long could you enjoy a bright orange car before you get tired of it? And that brings us to another advantage to the color white: it looks good no matter where you park it. No need to fear that it won’t look good next to your prize-winning perennial beds.

If you’re not sold on the idea of purchasing your next vehicle in white, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The next most popular colors are black, gray, and silver, and we stock plenty of those at Roesch Ford too. Shadow Black, Ingot Silver, and Magnetic (a rich, reflective gray) are popular colors for the 2017 Ford Escape S SUV, and we even have a few in Lightning Blue and Ruby Red for those of you who appreciate a bright spot of color.

The bottom line at Roesch Ford is that we value you, our customer, no matter what your favorite color is. So find your way to Roesch Ford in Bensenville, Ill., and see what we have to offer!